"Prikol" (n., Russian): 1. Laid up; idle [ship]; 2. a joke, a cracker.

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Me And The Summer

cat slowly sliding down the table on a blanket

Manuals Are For Dumb

mouse running around the mill

The Dress Was Mindblowing

Fairy Godmother blows Cinderella's head up

Imma Mess You Up


Well I Like Meth


Да пошутил я


Hehe… He Said ‘Score’

Cumberbatch and Neil Patrick Harris are Beavis and Butthead

My Favorite Movie

Hobbit says 'Fuck off' to Gandalf

Ikea Pls

Ikea Interstellar assembly manual

Первый Звоночек

Светлана, ты что блядь такое приготовила

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