"Prikol" (n., Russian): 1. Laid up; idle [ship]; 2. a joke, a cracker.

Month: October 2014 (page 1 of 2)

I Kill It Wis My Traks

Tank takes a dive, caption:

Britishname Complicated Reporting

Benedict Cumberbatch reporting for duty

Oh Yeah

White dog rocking in a cradle happily

So Long, Suckers

Autobots roll out, while a cat is rolling off a sofa

No, This Is Not A Happy Laughter

Skeleton draws brows on himself to appear laughing more creepily

That Divine Sound

Jesus making 'fttt' sounds with his hands

Fixing Code

Little mole cartoon vs real world earthquakes

5am Dancefloor

Two calm parrots looking at an insane one


Kitten walks past a dog shaking his head


Corner tube moves from wall to wall

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